The Novosokolniki’s students took an active part in the 72nd anniversary of the Great Victory!

Schastlivoedetstvo | 72-ya godovshchina Velikoy Pobedy Ucheniki shkoly pozdravlyayut

Ученики поздравляют Участников Великой Победы

By tradition, memorial events dedicated to the Great Patriotic War are held annually in Russia. Like throughout the country, representatives of different generations on the territory of the Pskov region carry out work related to the distant military events of the 40s of the 20th century. In 2017, the Novosokolnik’s students took an active part in the 72nd anniversary of the Great Victory!
The activities related to the 2nd World War are carried out throughout the year. However, more intensive events to congratulate veterans of the Great Patriotic War, children of war and former underage prisoners are held in April and May.
In 2017, the secondary school of the Novosokolniki city and other educational institutions of the Novosokolniki district organized and conducted themed class hours, patriotic events, streetball, football and bullet shooting tournaments, cognitive-historical programs, the St. George Ribbon action, various games and extra-curricular activities dedicated to the Victory Day.
Students and teachers played an important role in the opening of the memorial plaque LS. Belash – veteran of the Great Patriotic War, head of the brass band. The plaque was opened on May 5, 2017 on the wall of the Culture House Vorovskogo. They took a prominent place in the “Memory Watch”, visit of the brotherly burials and reburial of the remains of soldiers in the territory of Novosokolniki’s district. They accounted for the majority of those who became participants in the procession “Immortal Regiment”, solemn rally and festive concert.
Being the most active representatives of the younger generation, pupils of Novosokolniki’s district are present in all institutions: in the local history museum, libraries of the district, the Council of Veterans. They are involved in the streets of the city and in the villages of the district to express their gratitude to the winners and to commemorate the memory of those killed on Novossokolniki Land.
In this traditional spirit in this year 2017 the Novosokolniki’s students took an active part in the 72nd anniversary of the Great Victory! It is through their active participation that they guarantee the transfer of the relay race to future generations.



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