Project: «Tolerance Education through youth’s intercultural cooperation in small cities of the North-West Region of Russia»

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From Strasbourg with a new project!

ShareThe project “PROMOTING SOCIO-ECONOMIC RIGHTS OF RURAL YOUTH IN THE NORTH-WEST OF RUSSIA” has been performed during the first residential seminar, whitch held inframework of Long-Term Training Course “Access to Social Rights for Young People from Disadvantaged Neighbourhoods”. The seminary held on September 20th – October 01st, 2009 in the European youth centre Strasbourg (France). This project has been elaborated before this seminar, but the training helped to perform it. It is aimed to promote socio-economic rights of youth living in rural areas of the Russia’s North-West Region through human rights education, development of intercultural exchanges and good practices with a European dimension. It is called to indicate the slopes and help him in solving social problems: insufficient food, lack of access to medical care, equal education, housing, unemployment exacerbated... 

The project «Live rural footpath»

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